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Company Info

Kadi Trading & Contracting Co. Ltd, is as the name suggested a Business House involved in the fields of Trading & Contracting, of course with more emphasis on the latter activity, being its main stay.The Company was started in 1396(H) as an Establishment, on a modest scale, and right from that time it has endeavored, to improve and expand its Technical capabilities in this field of Construction.   And, it was only with the hard work and dedication of the Kadi Personnel that it has come very far from the modest status it stated.  At present it is established as a Company with Ltd. liability and paid up capital of SR 10.0 Millions,  This growth of an erstwhile Establishment to this stage & to present day status, is evident from the various works undertaken from the time of its start. 

The projects executed successfully so far are as big as a SR 253 Millions, Hail Central Electrification Project and as sophisticated as 132KV Transmission & Substation Projects executed were also executed.

In Trading Sector Kadi is active in selective sophisticated items related to Power Sector. We are sole representative of Niigata Engineering co. of Japan for their Diesel Gen. sets. We provide this Trading service of specialized items through our Trading wing and turn over in this activity has multiplied over the years. Niigata diesel units command very high place among its competitors and over the years it has gained to be among the top favorites in the country. We have supplied unit from 1 MW to 5 MW to almost all major Electrical utilities in the country and are providing an excellent after sale service & spare parts delivery.

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